Amendment No 3 To Health Order No. C19

They examine the cultural and historical significance of physical activities and examine how connecting to the environment can enhance health and wellbeing. Students reveal expertise to work collaboratively and play pretty. They entry and interpret health info. They clarify and apply strategies to reinforce their own and others’ health, safety and wellbeing at home, at school and locally. They carry out specialised motion expertise and suggest and combine movement ideas and methods to achieve movement outcomes and clear up motion challenges.

They apply the elements of motion when composing and creating motion sequences. Students apply strategies for working cooperatively and apply rules pretty. They select and demonstrate methods that assist them keep protected, wholesome and active at home, at school and locally. They refine fundamental movement abilities and apply movement concepts and methods in several bodily activities and to unravel movement challenges. They create and perform motion sequences utilizing elementary movement skills and the elements of motion.

By the end of Level 2, students describe changes that happen as they get older. They recognise how strengths and achievements contribute to identities. They understand how emotional responses influence on others’ feelings. They examine messages associated to health selections and describe tips on how to help hold themselves and others healthy, secure and bodily active. They determine areas where they can be energetic and how the physique reacts to different physical actions.

By the end of Level eight, students investigate methods and sources to handle modifications and transitions and their influence on identities. Students evaluate the benefits of relationships on wellbeing and respecting diversity. They analyse components that influence emotional responses. They examine strategies that improve their very own and others’ health, security and wellbeing. They investigate and apply motion concepts and strategies to realize movement and health outcomes.

  • Both red blood cells and hemoglobin have a central role in transport of oxygen to tissues.
  • Hemoglobin content material, which is expounded to maximal oxygen uptake, heart volume, and physique mass, will increase progressively with age into late adolescence.
  • Blood quantity will increase from birth by way of adolescence, following the general sample for adjustments in body mass.
  • Although applicable stretching may increase flexibility, establishing a link to improved practical capacity and fitness is troublesome.
  • In contrast to other fitness components which are basic or systemic in nature, flexibility is highly specific to each joint of the physique.


The content explores health messages and the way they relate to health decisions and behaviours, and examines methods students can use after they need assistance. The content material also offers alternatives for college kids to be taught through motion. It helps them in broadening the vary and complexity of fundamental motion skills they can perform in a spread of settings, including indoor, outdoor and aquatic. They discover ways to select, switch and apply simple motion expertise and sequences individually, in teams and in teams.

Students discover the people which are necessary to them and develop the capability to provoke and preserve respectful relationships in different contexts. They study to show some consideration for the needs and emotions of themselves and others, together with at school, at home, in the classroom and when taking part in bodily activities. By the tip of Level C, students recognise key phases of life, how they have grown and changed. They establish some obvious emotions and their trigger. They experience and turn out to be extra independent with actions that help them be healthy, secure and physically energetic.

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