If you want to start a skincare routine, schedule a consultation with a Kiehl’s Skincare Expert to study extra about your skin’s hydration levels and distinctive concerns. You also can study extra about your skin sort and discover formulas ideal for your skin whether or not it is oily, delicate, dry or combination. Applying a watch cream before or after moisturizer is OK – whatever feels greatest for your routine primarily based on what moisturizer and eye cream you’re using. When you first prep skin with an essence, the essence drenches your skin with hydration, maximizing your skin’s capacity to absorb all the goodness from the remainder of your skincare routine. While we’re on the sponge analogy, think about how shriveled up a dry sponge is.

  • Our Protect ‘N’ Glow range comes with a new generation of SPF products and is rich in anti-oxidants Vitamin C & E and natural
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