According to research, day by day sexual activity decreases the quantity of DNA harm in sperm. If you are not sure, have the physician check for sperm depend and motility. If an unhealthy sperm fertilizes an egg it can lead to miscarriage. If it is low, there are some easy issues a man can do at residence in order to improve the overall health of his sperm and to extend sperm depend. How to Increase Low Sperm Count Naturally: –

Eating properly-balanced meals will generally assist. A diet that’s low in fat, high in protein, greens and complete grains is good for the health and for your sperm. Have sex on common bases no less than each different day.

The definition of colon irrigation is an enema performed in legions variant levels. Colon irrigation can last as long as and over an hour, and encompasses the flushing of the bowel …

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