Do incontinence pants lead to adult diaper rash? Or is it something else?

Those terrible rashes! Spoilers of a fine vernal day. Think of relishing that cheesy pizza, and there they are to spoil your mood. But why do they happen? After all, companies promote their diapers as anti-rashes and what all! And yet they somehow lead to rashes. Do we do something wrong? Says Confidenceclub, the best incontinence pants Australia can still bring some ease, but they do not zero-out the chances of getting Irritant Diaper Dermatitis (or Diaper Rash). So what can we do to minimize the chances of getting it?

An overview of diapers/incontinence pads rashes.

These are those red, flaky, or pimpled seeming skin areas. The reasons that lead to diaper rashes are:

  • Irritants in urine or stool causing rashes.
  • Any allergic reaction.
  • Fungal or yeast infection.

These rashes usually occur on buttocks, genitals, or thighs. When diapers stay unchanged for an extended period of time, they lead to infections and rashes. This is why it is advised to change diapers on time. Bad quality diapers irritate skin too. The perfume in diapers leads to this too. Suggests ConfidenceClub, the best incontinence pants (Australia) generally avoid using skin-irritating perfumes.

What do rashes look like?

The very basic thing is when you feel a constant itch. Other than an itch, here is what rashes look like:

  • Reddish or Pinkish color of the skin
  • Flaky Skin
  • Burning sensations
  • Inflammation and odd skin texture
  • Bumps on the skin on and around reddened area.

How to avoid Diaper/incontinence pads Rashes?

Although you have to use diapers in case of incontinence, there are things that you can do to deal with it. The very first thing is to look at why diapers cause rashes. The most common issue is the material of the diaper. Use diapers that use soft material and avoid using perfumes. ConfidenceClub make some of the best incontinence pants in Australia. Apart from it, follow these things to minimize the issue:

  • Don’t overuse diapers: Diapers, although helpful, do cause rashes when used for prolonged periods. Our skin needs air to heal things out. Give your skin the diaper-free time it deserves.
  • Choose the right diaper type: A diaper with rough material and that does not help skin breathe is not advised. Diaper pants are a great option too. Look through these collections to get an idea of what fabric is right kind
  • Apply topical creams and ointments: It is advised to use any antifungal or barrier cream to help deal with the rashes. Powders are not advised as they can irritate lung-tissues.

Can you treat it yourself?

Although most rashes could be treated at home using OTC creams and medications, there are situations when rashes go furious upon the skin. It is advised to check the doctor if,

  • Your condition keeps on worsening even three days after your first started treatment,
  • It is spreading with pace and skin is feeling burnt,
  • There is blood or puss coming out from the infected area, or
  • You are getting feverish.

Incontinence pads should not be used over rashes. Give your rashes time to heal in the open air. Fungus thrives in moisture, and you would not want to gift it the same.

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