India Offers a Ray of Hope to Couples Suffering From Infertility

Every couple wants to a child who can take forward their genes and legacy after they leave this world. Ability to bear child is the biggest boon for a female that nature has blessed her with. Unfortunately some couples are denied this happiness because of reasons associated with husband, wife or both. The inability to bear child has increased in the past years because of late marriages, hectic lifestyles, changes in diet, increased use of alcohol & smoking and pollution.
To thwart this inability, medical science has devised revolutionary technology that can help couples to have their own child. Popularly known as surrogacy birth, it involves implanting the fertilized egg of the female in others womb. This has opened the gates of hope for number of families to have surrogate mothers who nurture the baby in her womb for nine months. But there are certain glitches that impact this kind of pregnancy such as non availability, or refusal of surrogate mother to return the child back, tremendous cost of the procedure, legal and ethical issues, and inability to monitor the surrogate mother’s habits such as smoking, alcohol etc that can impact the baby’s health.
This procedure is legalized in few countries of the world major countries are India, USA and UK. But legal issues, cost, inability to get surrogate mothers act as hurdles in USA and UK. After the legalization of surrogacy in India in 2002, the surrogate pregnancy centres have increased tremendously. At present there are around 350 centres allowing surrogate pregnancy. India offers great advantages to couples interested for surrogate pregnancy. The main advantages are
Care-The surrogate mothers are carefully chosen with strict criteria by the centres, after the implantation the mothers are taken care of and monitored so as to prevent any harm to the growing child in the womb.
Low cost- Due to easy availability of surrogate mothers, low cost of insurance premium and no legal hassles the cost of procedure is 1/10th the cost of procedure in US. In US the procedure may cost $70,000 but in India it ranges from $7000-12000.
No legal glitches- In India the surrogate mother signs a contract that she will hand over the child to the couple after the birth and she doesn’t have any legal right on the child, this is unlike few states in USA where the surrogate mother has legal rights over the child.
Ease of procedure- For undergoing surrogacy procedure, the couple has to visit the hospital/clinic in the start and then at the time of delivery. Thus it doesn’t effects your work schedule back in your home country.
In addition India also offers you the opportunity to relax in exotic locations or tour around the beautiful monuments, beaches, and thrilling wild life sanctuaries to rejuvenate you.
But as every coin has two sides, this surrogate pregnancy has a dark side to it. It is the exploitation of the surrogate mothers by the centres. As India’s large population is poor few centres exploit the females by forcing them into being the surrogate mother. It is important to be careful of these centres. For the purpose of saving you from such centres we at Firstcare Medicare have empaneled best institutes offering such services ethically.

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