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Waist trainer can help to define and sculpt the waist, creating an hourglass figure that most women dream of.  Thanks to celebrities like Jessica Alba and the Kardashians, waist training is in demand. What is waist training and does it work?  Waist training is the process of reducing the natural waist size by wearing waist trainers or waist cinchers. It is a natural solution to getting a smaller waist over time. By wearing a waist trainer to cinch the waist everyday and continuously for weeks, one will be able to see the results without going for body contouring surgery.

Wholesale waist trainers are available in different fabrics and compression level. There are moderate compression, firm compression and extra firm compression. These levels of compression can be adjusted. A good waist trainer can also improve posture, reduce back strain and help new mothers to regain their abs and offer support to their abdominal muscles.

As more and more women want to own a waist trainer to get that hourglass figure easily, there is a high demand for them. Do you want to start a business selling waist trainers? Or are you planning to expand your existing shapewear business. You can find a dependable source of high-quality wholesale waist trainers from Lover-Beauty, a leading global waist trainer manufacturer that has a massive range of affordable and in-demand waist trainers. Lover-Beauty also offer custom logo waist trainers for businesses that want to brand their own waist trainers.

Their range of waist trainers are available in two material such as latex and neoprene. Latex waist trainers are thicker and stronger. They are easier to clean and more durable. Latex waist trainers can keep a firm fit on the midsection. Neoprene is synthetic rubber and this material is resistant to water and heat, thus making it a good insulator. Neoprene waist trainers are lightweight, strong and offer maximum compression. Compared to latex waist trainers, they are more stretchable. These 2 types of waist trainers are great for working out.  They promote weight loss by increasing temperature in the midsection and cause more perspiration.

Double Belt Latex Waist Trainer

This waist trainer has two belts that will have your waist cinched in seconds. Featuring a front zipper and 4 hook closures, this waist trainer will firm and flattened the midsection. It increases that thermal activity and stimulates sweating to accelerate belly fat burning process. The logos can be placed on the double belts.

Black Latex Double Belt Plus Size Waist Trainer With Pocket

Neoprene Waist Trainer 

This neoprene waist trainer belt features a single belt with hook and zipper closure to sculpt and smoothen the waist. It will also raise the body temperature and accelerate perspiration. The belt is adjustable to enhance compression level. This neoprene waist trainer also has 6 steel bones to prevent curling and acts like a belly binder to offer back support as well as better posture. A customized logo or brand name can be placed on the belt or the near the hem of the waist trainer.

Neoprene Sweat Vest

This sweat vest is made with 100% neoprene that is stretchable, durable and flexible. It has a high-quality front zipper that will not roll down and offers a snug fit while shaping your waist and reducing tummy fat. Its sweat-wicking fabric offers an all-day dry and comfortable wear. The front and side boning flattens the tummy while the rear steel bones offer back support and improve postures.  The logos can be placed on either side of the vest. 

Besides being a top waist trainer manufacturer, Lover-Beauty also has a huge range of premium quality and affordable shapewear.  You can find full body shaper, body shaper buttock lifter, shapewear leggings, shorts and more from their website. 

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