Why use Miron glass?

Of course, we all know that sun and sunlight play a very important role in our daily lives. This is no surprise, but many people do not know that sunlight can also be dangerous. Being exposed to sunlight, or too much sunlight, can sometimes be very unpleasant. This applies not only to us, but of course also to the products we use. Once plants are ready, they need to be harvested as soon as possible; otherwise the chances are that the harvest will fail. Rotting will then take place, and you obviously want to avoid that with certain products. Also, if you expose food and cosmetics products to too much sunlight, there is a chance that you won’t be able to use it properly anymore. Many people use the wrong packaging, but there is a solution. Violet glass from Miron glass is a perfect solution, and this glass preserves a lot better. But how does it work? And what are the benefits? In this article, we go into this in detail, so you can find out all about it.

How does it work?

If you use a glass pipette and store something in it, you will soon see the result. Violet glass actually protects quality, but also bio-vitality. It ensures that sensitive substances are protected in several ways. Visible sunlight is naturally blocked, slowing down ageing. Violet glass does always allow UVA light and this actually slows the growth of bacteria and fungi. It also slows down the growth of pathogens, which is what most people want. It is good to use violet glass anyway, because this way you can guarantee the quality of the product. Of course, it also looks beautiful, which is another reason why many people choose it. Several studies have shown that violet glass works very well, so it is also proven.

Benefits at a glance

There are several advantages to using violet glass. It protects the contents of the bottle better from light, which is of course ideal. This extends the shelf life, but also the potency power. Violet glass also better prolongs fragrance potency, and this can be very handy when storing perfume in violet glass. It extends the quality of the contents anyway, and it is also durable. In fact, you can reuse it many times, which is good for the environment.

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